Intuition – Have you Found Yours Yet?


Just because we don’t understand it does NOT mean that it isn’t real or doesn’t exist.

We are very good, we humans, at dismissing things we do not understand. We label them as fanciful thinking or in the case of intuition something a bit woo and magical practiced only by those who do not have a firm hold on reality (I also find that the ruder and more dismissive we are about things the more they actually threaten our worldview!).

I was once “that girl”. I was the girl who snarked at the idea that there was ANYTHING more powerful than MY RATIONAL BRAIN – the one that I had spent years educating at great expense, the one that was so darn clever and so well read that when accompanied by my mouth could pretty much talk or argue me out of any situation.

This was very useful when I lived my “normal” life, with a normal job but not quite so useful when I packed it all in and ended up in the middle of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, facing a rather irate elephant who was intent on making himself very clear that my presence in his world was an offensive inconvenience – somehow, a smart argument delivered with confidence was not going to cut the mustard. Hmmmmm, suddenly the need for a different approach and new coping strategies became acutely apparent.

I have NOT always been intuitive – well, I probably was as a child but just like most other children I was socialised out of my whimsical imaginations and plonked firmly in a world where what mattered most was achievement, and I took that very seriously. Initially for me the achievement was on the sports field, and when I look back now I always knew where that ball was going next – I “read the game” very well, most games – or maybe, just maybe I “read” people and just knew!

My first intuitive experiences, like for many others, were ones where my “gut” told me there was danger – something was wrong, “off” or out of place in my environment. We all have this gut level intuition, the hunch, it is the one we are most familiar with and are willing to accept because usually it has helped us out of a sticky situation and we do like to report on how “lucky” we are, near misses always make for a good story! This, however, is not really conscious use of intuition – your intuition has SO much more potential. Limiting your intuition just to this use because you “feel safe” in this understanding is such a waste. It is like having the opportunity to drive a supercar – a McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini – and just pushing it round the track on foot because you aren’t quite sure how the gear shift works and what happens if you stall – you might look silly, and perish the thought that yours doesn’t work the way you thought it should.

To me it looks silly if you don’t use it to its fullest and fastest potential!

So, the “awakening” of my intuition was prompted by survival and then expanded by curiosity in the only way I knew how at the time which was through reading. On an island, in the Delta, in the middle of the African bush, for three months at a time – there wasn’t really another option and let’s be honest here, reading and trying to rationalise it all was always going to be the way I “tried to figure it out” – needing to find proof and evidence for EVERYTHING was totally my style.

From my studies and the fact that my intuition kept me safe, daily, I started to really appreciate its value and also started to recognise how powerful it could be when combined with all of my other senses, including my rational mind.

I decided that intuition was just another type of intelligence. My reading supported this theory and, with my rational mind appeased, I actively started to create a relationship with my particular way of being intuitive. This was a journey on its own – a tale for another day – suffice to say it takes a while, some practice, persistence and a big dash of trust to find your flow, but when you do – well,  I will never forget the first time used my intuition consciously and discovered information that I could never have known otherwise, irrefutable proof, there was no going back.

Intuition is real.
Intuition is natural.
Anyone can do it.

Intuition is an intelligence, it is NOT a voodoo woo-woo thing, it’s a head-heart thing.

You already use your intuition all the time – you just need to gain conscious control. In-tuition (the wise teacher inside you) is about seeking and finding your best inner guidance, relying on your own resourcefulness and connecting to what is right for you. There are endless ways in which you can put your intuition to work, it is as unique and limitless as you are. Learning how to use it is becoming more important now than ever before, as the world around us seems to be increasingly uncertain – why wouldn’t you give yourself the edge?

My intuition is my best friend, alongside my logic and emotion – I never make a decision without them all working together and I trust them to act in my highest good.

So come and learn with me.

A practical, grounded approach that is easily applicable to your life – so much more than information, this is about TRANSFORMATION.

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